Greeting from CEO

Jennifer Ji-Yung Choi

CEO/ICCRC Member R409095

From 2003, JC WINs INC started as ‘ARCHE consulting’ in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We started to support those who victimized due to the language barrier and inaccurate information to experiences complicated issues with the immigration office.

JC WINs will provide accurate information for you to make the right decision.

All most every client of JC WINs received the permanent resident status. Some of them already experienced the refusal once to a maximum of 3 times with the wrong people.  However, we believe that honest steps with detailed information will lead to a successful result again so we never give up if there is a chance.  We always carefully exam each case for the best presentation to the immigration so that individual clients can receive a positive result.

JC WINs will guide you with the right information based on the immigration law and regulation.

We understand that so many people are victimized by wrong information. Each case is unique and should be considered individually. 

JC WINs will be transparent with our client.

We disclose everything and every step with our client. There will be unexpected situations or circumstances to deal with it but we disclose everything to our client to solve the issue together.

JC WINs will support every step to Canada until you settle down happily here. We will consider the client’s situation to work best for the future of the client. We will try to provide the best quality service to our clients as well. We promise you that our reputation shall remain as best for all of our clients.

JC Worldwide Immigration Networks Inc. CEO Ji-yung Jennifer Choi


We will try our best to provide accurate and legal information based on Immigration Law and regulation.

If you have any technical issues, please email and inform us at [email protected].

Address: 134-99 Scurfield Blvd Winnipeg, MB Canada R3Y 1Y1
Phone: 204-942-7065 / Kakao Id: myjcwins
Fax: 204-489-8033
E-Mail: [email protected]
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